David Gonzalez's CD Brazilian Breeze Brazilian Breeze
From the clear skies of Ipanema, to the romantic nights in Rio de Janeiro, David Gonzalez' Brazilian Breeze takes you on an interesting and refreshing musical journey. Brazilian Breeze is a combination of instrumental sounds that brings out a feeling of joy through innovative melodies, with influences from Bossa Nova and Samba. This wonderful music project has been inspired by some of the best in the highly recognized Brazilian style of music, among others, the incredible and dearly missed Antonio Carlos Jobim.


"Brazilian Breeze is a wonderful music experience with Latin Jazz overtones throughout. It really took me on an exciting listening ride. It’s just inspiring! Great production and sound!" - Dale Strength, Music- Producer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"David Gonzalez’s Brazilian Breeze is flat out, great listening music! Wonderful piano execution and production overall, It’s fun company anytime!" - Jeff Mullen, Independent Movie-Producer, Hollywood, California

"David Gonzalez really put his heart on these great compositions and production. His bass playing in 'Colors of the Rainbow' is totally moving!" - Dough Johns, Bassist-Producer, Cleveland, Ohio

"When I first listened Brazilian Breeze I smiled as the rhythms where moving me inside and the melodies were so very clever. I just never get tire of listening to this great overall piece!" - Guillermo Mascareñas, Mexico City, Mexico

"Brazilian Breeze is the difference we’ve been waiting for on the Instrumental Latin genre. It’s relaxing and fun at the same time, the quality of the composition and arrangements is outstanding, I totally recommend it." - Francisco Torres, Music-Producer, Richfield, Minnesota

"Beautiful compositions! The instrumental project I’ve been waiting for and it’s here to open the door to many other great Instrumental- Latino beauties. 'Brazilian Breeze'… the name tells everything. It captures the passion, beautiful colors and rhythms of my beautiful Brazil." - Marco Cortes, Marco Bass Guitars, Inc. Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Great arrangements and great execution on all instruments throughout this incredible collection of beautiful compositions by David Gonzalez. Brazilian Breeze is inspirational and motivating at the same time!" - Jorge Olvera, Musical Director, TV AZTECA, Mexico City, Mexico




David started his music career as bass player in Mexico City, Mexico at the age of 16. One year later he participated in a National Tour with New York artist “Disco-Tex & The Sex-o-Lets” who had numerous #1 hits worldwide in the mid 70’s. A year later David was an RCA recording artist with a top group in Mexico, “LA TIERRA”.

In 1981, David moved to Minneapolis, MN. USA. David has 31 years of music experience. He is a Writer/Producer/Musician/Engineer, a three time Minnesota Music Awards Winner and one nominee for Best Bass Player. Bass Player World Tours include: 1983 Kool & The Gang with WESTSIDE, 1990 MC Hammer with TROOP, 1991-1992 Whitney Houston with AFTER 7, 2002 with The WINANS Family. As a co-writer and/or bass player recorded with: TROOP/ATLANTIC RECORDS, and Alexander O’Neil/PERSPECTIVE RECORDS.

David is also an accomplished Jingle Writer/Producer. Besides achieving a great music career, David has 15 years of voice-over work experience and 10 years of acting experience.

David’s production career includes work with: Disney Channel, Target, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Sam's Club, Nike, Mervyns California, Best Buy, Budweiser, Jack in the Box, GAME STOP, Buffalo Wild Wings, the GAP.

David has been a lyricist and producer of hundreds of children’s music recordings with Genius Products in California as well as a 3 CD Christmas Carol Project in Spanish with his own Latin-Music arrangements of Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Cha-Cha and Reggae-ton for GAMESA International with a one million copy reproduction.

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