Alex Cook's CD Tree Of Life Tree Of Life
The funk, reggae, and rock grooves on Tree Of Life bounce with deep reverence and joy. They don’t so much talk about God as they express what it feels like to be loved by God, living, exploring, and growing powerfully as His child. The songs are infused with a holy feeling of listening to the inner voice, and striking out on its soulful adventure.


“The first time I heard Alex’s music I was stunned. I couldn't believe the spirit behind the words that went with the music. …wide eyed and breathtaking... Finding Alex’s music is honestly one of the most important gems I have been led to along this way...more than I can say. So safe...and liberating. I would feel entirely selfish if I did not share these amazing songs. I have shared them naturally with anyone that will listen.” -- Jo Dickinson, Eugene, OR

"When I hear Alex Cook's music, I am reminded of that small, quiet voice inside calling me to do great things. In hearing his songs, not only do I feel emboldened to take on the big challenges my life is urging me to, but I also dance around--that he can set such life wisdom to sounds and beats that match his voice and move the body is a wonder to me, and I am thankful to know about his music early, before he catches on, as he will. Also, as a non-Christian, I appreciate that his music both conveys a Christian message and speaks more broadly than that--to each of us choosing to live our authentic life.” -- Amanda Loy-Jung, Farmington, NM

“Alex's music has encouraged me to pray - not by telling me to, but by showing me prayer's own sweetness. The music shares hope, and the hope is never distant, but always delightfully near. This music speaks of guidance, fearlessness, and the comfort of God's presence.” -- Benjamin Vaughan, Bowen Islanda, BC, Canada

“Alex is a vivacious energy on stage, delivering wonderfully bodacious lyrics.” -- Christa Kreutz, St. Louis, MO




At a young age Alex Cook fell in love with Beauty. Since then, he has dedicated his life to expressing it. And he has found a powerful spectrum of ways to do that. From his soaring, funky musical offerings to his murals and sculptures (, beauty shines brightly in his work. One listen to Cook’s music reveals that his idea of beauty includes vibrant energy, humor, and confidence.

Beginning with his work as a muralist in 1997 Alex began to see that expressing God’s spiritual gifts to others is holy and life-saving work. Alex takes this conviction heartily into his work as a musician and artist. He has performed his spiritual rock, funk, and reggae music in halls, churches, subway stations, and on street corners. He has painted over 50 murals in the US and abroad, working with kids and adults from across cultural and economic lines. To Alex all these disciplines work together as one tool, rousing our natural, spiritual brightness through beauty, play, and community.

Cook reverently asserts, “God is the creator of everything good. That means every beautiful melody line, every bouncin’ beat, every funky groove. And it’s that goodness that lifts us up!” Cook takes the wonderful feeling of being loved by God and translates it into music that makes us feel loved, alive, and inspired!

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