Rod Kinny's CD Higher Self Higher Self
“Higher Self” is a collection of songs about seeing past the illusions and limitations of modern life to discovering peace and inner beauty. From “Beyond the Impossible” through “Prime Mover”, “Higher Self” leaves you feeling fully alive and at peace. Discover it for yourself.


“Talented artist Rod had the excellent idea to work with Joe Puerta of Ambrosia and Bruce Hornsby & The Range. Influences of Ambrosia, Steely Dan, Toto, & Todd Rundgren are apparent. – Cool Night, Cool Night Westcoast/AOR Blogspot, France

“Take the folk out of James Taylor and stuff that hole with a little 70’s amorous pop and 60’s conscientiousness and there’s Rod Kinny” – Genevieve Will,

“Higher Self” by Rod Kinny is an album about transformation of lives and the world, in Adult Contemporary and Popular styles of music.” – Rosemarie Ashley,

“With “Higher Self”, Minnesota native Rod Kinny displays a sense of melody and taste leaning towards an Adult Contemporary/Adult Alternative style. The songs is at once catchy and laid back, and there are some good instrumental touches with a crisp sound regarding the mix. Kinny’s voice is in an Al Stewart vein and the song is radio friendly. Quality stuff!” – Peter Braidis,

“A labour of love” “This is the sort of music to bring tears of joy to my eyes - even more than Robbie Dupree’s and Bill Bounty’s last releases. Richard Page’s “Peculiar Life” is a treat to listen, but Rod Kinny is special. Wonderful tunes you want to hear over and over again. Soothing inspirational lyrics saying yes to life. A line like “from water to wine I feel my spirit refine into a love shining over me” stands every chance to become my quote of the year. It’s kinda Prefab Sprout meets Ambrosia meets America with a taste of Steely Dan in it and in the end you realize he’s got his own great melange. If you like real music don’t miss this gem. Fresh and groovy songs, a timeless labour of love, regardless of current trends and other distractions. I used to listen to this in the car after work on my way home. Put in the CD and feel better right away! Found a great way to get over the daily hassle. Thank you mate for brightening my day! Sure hope for more in the not too distant future.” – Christian Sitter, 42, Gotha, Germany




“Truth, meaning, and timelessness are common elements of any great work of art.” That is according to Singer/Songwriter Rod Kinny. Active in music from a very young age he has become masterful in bringing his compositions to life. From grinding it out as a solo artist on the coffee house circuit to working with Grammy Award winning producer Joe Puerta of Ambrosia and Bruce Hornsby & The Range.

Rod’s music combines influences of jazz, folk, and rock with elements of Toto/Steely Dan to the best of British pop. His voice is suited equally well for folk and pop with a pinch of Todd Rundgren and a dash of Al Stewart. His latest release is titled “Higher Self”- a work of love and adventure with the big brass sound of “Beyond the Impossible”. Ethereal string and pedal steel work on “Between Two Worlds” and “Infinite Love”. From the soaring all electronica of “Infinite Love” (be free) to the ragtime of “Old into New”, “Higher Self” is surefire to please.

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