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41 Comments Added

  1. Ragan Courtgney September 11, 2017 | Reply
    "Words Upon the Wall" was so honest and beautiful, like truth is. Cynthia Clawson said at first listening, "I want to sing that." Thanks for the work you do.
  2. Michael Steven Van Stone August 4, 2015 | Reply
    I Am Stunned. I could hear/feel in my soul. Thank you.
  3. Pete Stone July 6, 2015 | Reply
    Simple melody ... magnificent performance!
  4. Nancy Steuart May 18, 2015 | Reply
    LOVED what Julia Wade had to say---how uplifting and true! Thanks so much!
  5. Susan May 16, 2015 | Reply
    Very beautiful and comforting.
  6. Debbie May 16, 2015 | Reply
    Really enjoyed the Deep Waters track---It is both refreshing and inspiring much as a long walk along the seashore is...Thank you!
  7. Wren April 27, 2015 | Reply
    Peter, this is perfect. It comes at the perfect time. Thank you.
  8. Ginny McCormick April 27, 2015 | Reply
    Peter, that was just lovely and clearly from your heart. Thank you for sharing your song. Ginny
  9. Debbie April 20, 2015 | Reply
    I love Desiree Goyette'voice---I listened to this song several times and love the inspiring lyrics. Thank you so much for my morning inspiration!
  10. Debbie April 13, 2015 | Reply
    Loved this Gospel Cantata! Very joyous and rousing....Thank you!
  11. Jan in Grass Valley April 6, 2015 | Reply
    Both songs just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all this inspiring music!
  12. Debbie March 30, 2015 | Reply
    Beautiful Easter solo, actually a beautiful solo for any time of the year and even for everyday listening and inspiration. Thank you so much for what you are doing -:)
  13. g from california March 16, 2015 | Reply
    Introspective, prayerful, achingly lovely. I needed to hear Branice McKenzie's song this morning - thank you!
  14. lorea schaad March 15, 2015 | Reply
    Thank you for the weekend music. So beautiful and appreciated. After your last message I thought the weekend was ended!!!!!!!!! My best time is only weekends. Is it possible to order thru telephone? I don't like to order on line. Please help me access your most spiritual and gifted music, In Oneness Lorea.
  15. Jennyrose March 2, 2015 | Reply
    Tender, sincere,loving and divinely beautiful!
  16. NancyWV March 2, 2015 | Reply
    Lew Doty's song sparks a fresh prayer in my heart.
  17. Debbie February 25, 2015 | Reply
    Thank you for all of your wonderful music! Love these special collections too so I hope you keep the creative solos flowing
  18. Barbara Richmond February 21, 2015 | Reply
    What a lovely idea! I've enjoyed all the songs. Thank you.
  19. moniqueMn February 21, 2015 | Reply
    Sie haben ins Schwarze getroffen. Darin ist etwas auch mich ich denke, dass es die gute Idee ist. moniqueMn English Translation: You have hit the mark. This is something that I think is a good idea. moniqueMn
  20. Pauline February 20, 2015 | Reply
    Simply so beautiful.
  21. Tony A February 19, 2015 | Reply
    Loved this one!
  22. NancyWV February 19, 2015 | Reply
    Thanks, Peter! This is one to share.
  23. Diane February 19, 2015 | Reply
    So good! Thank you for sharing this!
  24. Jan Horvath February 19, 2015 | Reply
  25. Pete Stone February 18, 2015 | Reply
    Muy bonita! Yo lo quiero. Muchas Gracias.
  26. John Piot February 17, 2015 | Reply
    That was lovely, Julia and Peter! Thanks for sharing this and the other 14 tunes. Deb and I are enjoying all of them!
  27. Jan in Grass Valley February 17, 2015 | Reply
    Love you guys, your story, and your music!
  28. Jan Horvath February 17, 2015 | Reply
  29. Madelyn February 17, 2015 | Reply
    Love this song and Julia's voice never disappoints. Truly inspiring.
  30. Mary Vig February 17, 2015 | Reply
    A very sweet lyric, revealing the treasures of the heart, when one finds another who captures the feeling of true love - the delight, the wonder, the awesome feeling of being close and having that love reciprocated at last!!
  31. Sara Gray February 16, 2015 | Reply
    Lovely. I love your music!
  32. zack February 16, 2015 | Reply
    very very lovely
  33. Wren February 14, 2015 | Reply
    Thank you both for this. I find it very valuable in expressing the wonder of a lasting relationship in this world and time.
  34. Susan Collins February 14, 2015 | Reply
    Magnificent! Flawlessly sung, as Peter wrote. You have both done a stunning and most heartwarming job! The arrangement is impeccable, also. Sincerest thanks, - and I am now going to listen to it again, and again, Susan
  35. Anne Peterson Gasser February 14, 2015 | Reply
    Thank you! This is a great idea, full of beauty and love!
  36. Elton Smith February 13, 2015 | Reply
    Simply wonderful.
  37. Karen February 13, 2015 | Reply
    OH My Goodness! I was in tears listening to this beautiful, heart-full-of-love song! Well done Jenny and Peter! Thank you so much! I am sending this to my husband as my Valentine Gift to him!
  38. Barbara February 13, 2015 | Reply
    Wow..........This is so lovely
  39. Barbara February 13, 2015 | Reply
  40. Julee Cade February 12, 2015 | Reply
    Absolutely beautiful......
  41. Alfa Duran February 10, 2015 | Reply
    Bellísima expresión del Alma.

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