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Tom Tipton: I Believe


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Friday, April 6 – April 10, 2015


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“Sometime early in life Tom must have realized that not all of us have had his good fortune, to be born with a song in his heart. It has guided him every step of his life. To hear Tom, is to hear America singing. He has joined us with his exuberance, his reverence and solemnity in our times of trial. He has inspired us in our faith and led us in our thanksgiving, and healed us in our grief. And Tom has done this not only with his song but with his joy and humility and his decency.” – Jim Klobuchar, columnist, Minneapolis Star Tribune[/col]

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I Believe

Music and Lyrics by

Ervin Drake, Irvin Graham,
Jimmy Shirl and Al Stillman

This past weekend, Tom Tipton performed on “The Hour of Power” during this especially poignant time of Rev. Robert Schuller’s passing.  To view his moving performance of “Were You There” on Sunday, click here, and start the video at 4:12.

Faith and family have always been a source of Tom Tipton’s strength and loving nature. His unique style of Gospel music is a blend of hymns, jazz and R&B acquired over sixty years of musical expression.

During Tom Tipton’s long musical career, he served over 34 years as a soloist at Reverend Robert H. Schuller’s internationally famous Crystal Cathedral and performed more than 100 times on their nationally broadcast TV “Hour of Power.”[/col]


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2 thoughts on “Tom Tipton: I Believe

  1. Lovely, rich, soulful vocalist. Great interpretation of this song.

  2. I loved Tom’s singing voice for I Believe! WOW–what a voice! It sounds like like he’s quite the accomplished pianist too!
    I’m retired now and LOVE playing the piano at retirement homes for the folks and I’m also a full-time church organist as well.
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing such a beautiful song of I Believe, with Tom singing it today!

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