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Mindy Jostyn: So Fragile


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Monday – Friday, July 20 – 24, 2015

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“Mindy Jostyn was a mother, a wife, a musician, a masterful musician, a daughter, a sister and a sideman sister extraordinaire. Mindy had your back. Her voice was one which, well, we could say: An Angel wanted a voice and Mindy Jostyn appeared. Her tenderness on the piano, the sighing of her violin, how she could rock the entire block with her fiddle, and look out for her on the harmonica, boys. Whoa! Just ask Arlen Roth and any audience that got the chance to hear the two of them pitch into the battle of jazz when we’d perform songs like “Satellite Sky” and “Flying in The Face of Mr. Blue”. Mindy was a master at everything she played. Her squeeze box was the breath of every song she played on it. Her persona on stage was a ray of light, sometimes weeping and sometimes stamping it’s feet… God Love you Mindy. I am grateful for your embodiment of joy.” – Kate Taylor [/col]

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So Fragile

Performed by
Mindy Jostyn

Music and Lyrics
by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman

Mindy Jostyn’s Cedar Lane, (Palmetto Records) is a broad avenue whose course provides an effortless passage from one inspired locale to another. With a keen instinct for storytelling, the songs of Cedar Lane explore the themes of home, history, love and humor in a pop/folk, worldly-wise manner. These are the songs of a woman who started out just wanting to “play with the boys – ” Now the boys want to play with her.

Modeling the spirit of this recording with the experience of her live performances, Mindy plays most of the instruments on the cd herself. This impressive list includes the violin, harmonica, mandolin, piano, accordion, guitar and vocals. Joining Mindy is Matt Balitsaris on electric and acoustic guitar, Paul Adamy on bass, Jeff Berman on drums and percussion, David Finck on string bass, and guest Tony Trishka on banjo.

Described as an “explosion of talent”, Mindy Jostyn’s art is an unpresuming pleasure. Her “So Fragile” is a beautiful soul-searching love song whose melody will linger on long after your first listening.


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  1. I have always enjoyed and continue to love Mindy’s music—

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