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Chieli Minucci: Jewel In A Desert Sky


Inspirational Song of the Weekend
Saturday — Sunday, September 5 – 6, 2015


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“Travels is a group of long-form compositions, and a few shorter ‘vignettes’, written to personal stories reflecting my travels around the world, as well as within my thoughts. These compositions were originally played in theaters around the world as ‘pre-show’ music for Special EFX concerts as well as traveling children shows, (‘Dora the Explorer – Live’, and ‘Thomas the Tank Engine- Live’).” — Chieli Minucci[/col]

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Jewel In A Desert Sky

Instrumental performed by
Chieli Minucci

Music by

Chieli Minucci

Guitarist, composer, and arranger Chieli Minucci is the leader of the Grammy-nominated jazz-fusion group Special EFX, which he co-founded with the late George Jinda in 1984. A major force on the jazz and world music scene for 25 years, Special EFX performs a diverse collection of jazz-fusion, world rhythms, and the effortlessly flowing guitar artistry that Chieli (key-eh-lee) is known for.

Special EFX is one of the most prominent world fusion groups of the era. During the course of the band’s phenomenal rise to the top of the jazz charts, they released 25 CDs, including Chieli’s 8 solo releases and a live concert DVD. Seminal songs like “Daybreak”, “Cruise Control”, “Bella” and “Seduction” were among their chart-topping hits.



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