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Mindy Jostyn: She Cried In Front of Strangers


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Monday – Sunday, October 19 – 25, 2015

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“Mindy Jostyn was a mother, a wife, a musician, a masterful musician, a daughter, a sister and a sideman sister extraordinaire. Mindy had your back. Her voice was one which, well, we could say: An Angel wanted a voice and Mindy Jostyn appeared. Her tenderness on the piano, the sighing of her violin, how she could rock the entire block with her fiddle, and look out for her on the harmonica, boys. Whoa! Just ask Arlen Roth and any audience that got the chance to hear the two of them pitch into the battle of jazz when we’d perform songs like “Satellite Sky” and “Flying in The Face of Mr. Blue”. Mindy was a master at everything she played. Her squeeze box was the breath of every song she played on it. Her persona on stage was a ray of light, sometimes weeping and sometimes stamping it’s feet… God Love you Mindy. I am grateful for your embodiment of joy.” – Kate Taylor [/col]

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She Cried In Front Of Strangers

Performed by
Mindy Jostyn

Music and Lyrics
by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman

During the years that she toured as a singer/songwriter, Mindy Jostyn released four solo CDs. Her first, “Five Miles from Hope”, is a rootsy, country blues album recorded with a live band and musical guests Donald Fagen, Carly Simon, and Garth Hudson.

Her follow-up, “Cedar Lane”, is a pop-folk paean to the suburbs of her youth featuring emotive ballads and satiric takes on modern love. Her third CD, “in His eyes”, is a non- denominational collection of “folk hymns” (a term that Mindy coined). In 2003, she released “Blue Stories”, a collection of bittersweet songs about people and their plights.

Carly Simon describes Mindy; “Her personal beauty shines through in all her many skills, whether as a songwriter, a fiddle player, a guitarist, a pianist, a mandolin player, harmonica player, percussionist..and the list continues. When she beomes a household name, we will all say, ‘We knew it all along.'”


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2 thoughts on “Mindy Jostyn: She Cried In Front of Strangers

  1. Gorgeous song! Mindy’s voice is perfection!

  2. I have always loved and will always love Mindy Jostyn’s music and voice…If you aired her songs every week I would be inspired and content…

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