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Nitya Thomas: Psalm 23


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Sunday, November 2 – 8, 2015

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“Awakenings is an album to listen to over and over…to savor. When you hear it, you’ll want more. Nitya Thomas’ voice is a one to be reckoned with—it’s not only gorgeous, but her singing is uplifting, effortless, disarmingly unaffected, and sincere—you can tell she means every word. Her pitch is spot on, her diction impeccable—overall, a sheer pleasure to listen to.” ~Amy Duncan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
— from Tending the Fire

“Simply Beautiful” ~Pauline Lam Yeap, Sydney, Australia



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Psalm 23

Sung by
Nitya Thomas

Music: Nitya Thomas and Peter Link

Lyrics:  Psalm 23, adapted

Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

Nitya Thomas’ Awakenings is a 3-song CD featuring a taster of Inspirational styles of music. First, O Dreamer, a powerful lyric set to one of the most popular melodies ever written – originally Londonderry Air, later set to the lyrics of the Irish classic, Danny Boy, and then here set to the words of Rosa M. Turner as a sacred hymn. The second song, My Grateful Spirit Sings, is a contemporary classic awakening to gratitude penned by popular composer, Sally DeFord.

Psalm 23, featured here this week, is an original song written by Ms. Thomas herself to the immortal words of King David in perhaps his most famous of the Psalms.



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2 thoughts on “Nitya Thomas: Psalm 23

  1. Awesome and beautiful :))

  2. Thank you for Nitya Thomas. She is the first one I have heard that, in my opinion, is in the same class as our precious Julia Wade. Beautifully done.

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