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Jenny Burton: Uphold Me


Inspirational Song of the Week
Monday – Friday, February 1 – 7, 2016


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Jenny Burton is an amazing Gospel vocalist whose career has spanned several decades. She has sung all over the world as both as a solo performer and with The Jenny Burton Experience.

Produced almost exclusively by Peter Link, she has had a long and varied career as both a Dance Music/R&B artist and a Gospel artist. A consummate performer, Ms Burton has thrilled and inspired audiences around the world with her inimitable style of tear down the house energy and commitment. Daughter of a South Bronx minister, Jenny brings to her music a passion and devotion making Inspirational music at its best.


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Uphold Me

Performed by
Jenny Burton

Music and Lyrics by
Fred Manns, Marvin Winans, and Ronald Winans


“For a number of years I had the great privilege of attending church many Sundays with Jenny. Her second mom was the minister of The Universal Church of Truth in the South Bronx, NY. There I had the opportunity to learn my Gospel chops as a composer and, more importantly, get a real feeling for the high spiritual energies of the service and its people.

“Jenny sang in the choir numbering around thirty voices with organist Fred Gripper at the helm. The joy and uplifting passion of those services I shall never forget. The music burned into my soul and healed me time and time again. How fortunate that choir was to have a lead vocalist like Jenny. She always soared with the inspiration of the word, and mother and daughter made an unforgettable team of spiritual ministers Sunday after Sunday. This first song, written by members of the First Family of Gospel music, The Winans, comes genuinely right out of that church experience. Here, let Jenny take you back to her roots and invite you into that same church experience that she shared with me years ago. I know you’ll become a true believer.”  — Peter Link, Producer

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