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Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, October 24 – 30, 2016




Performed by Serah
Music by Serah
Lyrics by Serah

Award-winning songwriter-singer, Serah creates music that explores many of the most important aspects of our lives including love, peace, harmony, success/failure, relationships, religion, nature, connectedness, healing and emotions. Serah explores these and other important themes with contemporary music that showcases her own unique folk-pop style that also blends together elements of new age, jazz and African world music.

Serah’s music draws from her experiences of having lived on both coasts of the United States as well as in Canada, France and Africa. She works closely with a wide variety of musicians from around the world which gives her music an international flavor.


“With passion and compassion, Serah sings and writes songs of world consciousness, poetry, peace, and healing. Serah has lived in East Africa, France, and Canada, providing her with in-depth exposure to numerous cultures. To listen to Serah’s music is to meet Serah herself. Openhearted, generous, deeply emotional, and creatively true, her music is an act of connection and compassion.” — Annabeth Cox and Ted Cox of New Age Retailer:

“Take Flight with the Musical Inspirations of Serah. An acclaimed composer and singer, Serah crosses musical borders to create a genre unique in itself. Her broad experience and gift for musical alchemy produces a sound which is calming, eclectic, refreshing, and unique all in one. Her clear, soft vocals are a perfect complement to her thought- provoking lyrics that enthrall and charm all of her listeners. Working with Grammy Award-winning producer Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Dire Straits, Bruce Hornsby), Serah breaks through the boundaries of Pop and World music, defying single-format classifications.” — Bay Area Business Woman, 11/2000

“After hearing your music Serah I know that healing is also aided by beautiful music. Words that cannot be expressed that are simply placed in harmony and expressed for the world to hear. This I find is very beautiful!! Thank You So Much!” — Curtis Norman

“Very sunny and organic, well traveled and gentle.” — Neo-Zine, June 2003

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