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DSM: A Buffet Of Musical Goodies!

*DSM=Digital Sheet Music

Some people love the salad bar, for some it’s all about dessert, and for others, the salmagundi!  Whatever your craving, we hereby whet your appetite with our buffet of musical delights.

Now put your napkin on and dig in …

Fourth Offering

Robert Powell — The Lord Bless Thee

Robert Powell — The Beatitudes

Robert Powell — Love

Robert Powell — I The Lord, Will Hold Thy Right Hand

William Elliott — Keep In Touch With Yourself

William Elliott — I’d Like To Be A Friend

William Elliott — Easy Time

Elizabeth Ragsdale — Where We Are Loved

Elizabeth Ragsdale — Out of Reach

Mel Atkey — The Meaning of Aloha

Katrina Wylie — Woke Up This Morning

Katrina Wylie — Satisfied/2005

Lea Schmidt-Rogers


Stained Glass
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Sacred Ground
Orff Fun
Easter Joy