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DSM: When More Is Less And Less Is More!

*DSM=Digital Sheet Music

We promised to introduce you to a “plenitude of new solos and instrumentals for your church services – so many that we can’t possibly do it all at once.” So this is less than the more, but there’s more to come after this less … or something like that.

Second Offering

Peter B. Allen — Blest Christmas Morn

Mel Atkey — Psalm 139

William Elliott — Christ My Refuge

William Elliott — Feed My Sheep

William Elliott — Mother’s Evening Prayer

Carolyn Kardinal – Substance


Nicholas Schliapin — Pleyel’s Hymn (First)
While Thee I seek, protecting Pow’r

Nicholas Schliapin — Primrose
Salvation, O the joyful sound

Nicholas Schliapin — Return Again
Saviour, visit Thy plantation