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DSM: Of All The Many Choices There’s One Especially For You

*DSM=Digital Sheet Music

We’ll help you find it – perhaps through Solo Thoughts 2nd Quarter 2017, perhaps by introducing you to a new composer, or perhaps through one of these six flyers we’ve recently sent you.

So let’s get started …

Sixth Offering

Robert Powell — Beloved, Let Us Love One Another

Robert Powell — The Lord Is My Shepherd

Robert Powell — What Wondrous Love Is This?


Nicholas Schliapin — Lenox
Blow ye the trumpet, blow

Nicholas Schliapin – Russia
My spirit looks to God alone

Nicholas Schliapin – Saints Bound for Heaven
Our bondage, it shall end

Nicholas Schliapin — The Christian Warfare
I find myself placed in a state of probation

Nicholas Schliapin — The Marriage in the Skies
O ring the bells of heaven high