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DSM: There Are Millions Of Stars In The Sky At Night

*DSM=Digital Sheet Music

Now we won’t even begin to try to compete with the cosmos, but if you’ve been following our new sheet music campaign, you know that we’ve recently added a whole lot of new titles to our site.

Perhaps not millions, but certainly enough to get really excited about…

Fifth Offering

Lea Schmidt-Rogers — Angel and Star

Robert Powell — He That Dwelleth in the Secret Place

 Robert Powell — For as the Rain Cometh Down



Lea Schmidt-Rogers – August

Lea Schmidt-Rogers – Andalusia

Nicholas Schliapin — Distress
The King of glory sends his son

Nicholas Schliapin – Edom
With songs and honors sounding loud

Nicholas Schliapin – Expression
Oh, Jesus, my Savior

Nicholas Schliapin — Invocation (First)
Rise, my soul

Nicholas Schliapin — King of Peace
Lord, I cannot let Thee go