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Seven Steps To Creating A Successful Benefit – Part 3

The Professional Producer/Presenter

I’m good at what I do, but a bit out of my league when it comes to producing an event.

How can you help?

Most organizations, both church, business and charity are good at whatever it is that they do, but not necessarily good at putting on a compelling, entertaining and inspiring evening in the theater. So often what ends up on the stage isn’t worth a $10 ticket much less a $1000 ticket. The craft of putting on a great evening is a developed skill that normally requires going out of house and hiring a company that knows the ropes. This can be very expensive. An outside production company can eat up the profits of your donations before you know it.

An “Is Anybody Listening?” Webcast takes no percentage of your donations. Its low fees are the same for all its clients whether your ticket price is $10, $1000 or free. We will Co-Produce your benefit with you bringing our 4 decades of experience to your project.

Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Benefit

Part 1: Producing A Benefit
Part 2: Your Audience
Part 4: Promoting Your Benefit
Part 5: The Cost And The Profit
Part 6: The Benefit – More or Less
Part 7: The “It’s Time To Get Our Checkbook” Speech

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