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Seven Steps To Creating A Successful Benefit – Part 6

The Benefit – More Or Less

I’ve been to many benefits and sometimes found them overly long and speech-ridden to the point of boredom. How can we avoid this all too often problem?

Most Benefit entertainments are sloppy, overly long and disorganized — and for good reason.  Rarely is there enough initial funding for proper rehearsal of the event, so things are thrown together at the last minute. Talent is also often donated and so they come in the day of, do a sound check and perform that evening.  Most events never even have a run through.  There simply isn’t enough money to do things right. It’s a one-time performance and the object usually is to just get through it with no total breakdowns.

“Is Anybody Listening?” Webcast is a fully developed, fully rehearsed performance that has been filmed, edited and remixed to provide you with the most professional of entertainments. What’s on the stage represents the worth and quality of your organization and it better be elegant, highly organized and run smoothly if you expect people to get behind your project. Going in, you will know what you have on stage and how well it works. No surprises.

Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Benefit

Part 1: Producing A Benefit
Part 2: Your Audience
Part 3: The Professional Producer/Presenter
Part 4: Promoting Your Benefit
Part 5: The Cost And The Profit
Part 7: The “It’s Time To Get Our Checkbook” Speech

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