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Seven Steps To Creating A Successful Benefit – Part 7

The “It’s Time To Get Out Your Checkbook” Speech

Who makes the necessary “Now it’s time to get out your checkbook” speech?  

How do you propose doing that when you’re webcasting from NYC?

Yes, that moment of “OK, now it’s time to get out your checkbook” is the climactic moment of your benefit – even if you’ve sold $5000 tables. You want to approach your potential donor at just the right time when they are most excited and most inspired by the experience you’ve just given them. And you want that request to come from the leader of your organization. And you want that leader to be well rehearsed in what he or she has to say, be a good speaker, feel natural and make a very fine impression in this all too important speech. You want them to have presence. Not always easy …

An “Is Anybody Listening?” Webcast Benefit will originate from New York City, but your pitch speaker can be in Akron, Ohio in the comfort of his living room or in his plush office at work. He or she can come into the webcast live or even pre-taped and give their pitch well rehearsed and natural. This can all be done on a laptop computer sitting in front of them or, if you like, could be pre-recorded and inserted into the webcast at just the proper place in the evening. Donations can be made online at a previously arranged link and submitted through your guests’ handheld devices or cell phones.

Speak to us about the many more intriguing time saving and financial bonuses of using “Is Anybody Listening?” as the draw for your next benefit.

Seven Steps to Creating a Successful Benefit

Part 1: Producing A Benefit
Part 2: Your Audience
Part 3: The Professional Producer/Presenter
Part 4: Promoting Your Benefit
Part 5: The Cost And The Profit
Part 6: The Benefit – More or Less

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