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Lew Doty: “Rhythm of the Lord”

Inspirational Song of the Week: Monday – Sunday, October 16 – 22, 2017

“Rhythm of the Lord”

from the album


Lew’s first CD, “One”, was released in October 2003 to rave reviews. “One” is a compilation of many styles and genres, but with one overriding theme: We are all one thing, God’s expression. Every song on “One” is a prayer, and Lew’s intention for this CD is evident. He intends for this music to connect the listener to their spirit, and to have them resonate with their highest good. The lyrics are filled with principle, the music is inspired, and Lew’s sometimes smoky, sometimes angelic voice draws the listener ever closer to Source. Listen to “One” and you can virtually hear the gratitude in Lew’s voice as his dream of recording this music was fulfilled.

Lew Doty, although influenced over the years by many artists, has developed a style that is all his own. His lyrics are filled with spiritual principles, his voice ranges from angelic and tender to smoky and hard-driving. The songs he writes are often deeply contemplative, but easily transition to outrageously joyful and sometimes even humorous in their style. But the one continuous thread throughout Lew’s music is its intention. In every song he writes and in every performance he gives, Lew conveys his message of love, acceptance, allowing, peace and connectedness. As one of his fans told him, “Listening to you is better than going to church.” You can’t help but hear God in Lew Doty’s music.

After years of studying at The Guitar Study Center in NYC and as a private student of world-renowned guitarist Chuck Wayne, Lew Doty enjoyed 10 years of performing his original music in clubs and colleges in the NYC metro area. In the early ‘70s, marriage and a family took precedence and Lew hung up his guitar, his life taking him in a completely different direction. In 1997, Lew was introduced to the New Thought movement, and suddenly music and lyrics sprang up within him as his spirit was ignited, and he could no longer ignore the creative urge. Within a very short time, Lew became a well-known name among New Thought churches in the greater Philadelphia area, and he began to see this new career as a music ministry.

“I am still so in love with your CD’s – especially ONE. I have these in my car and on my iPod. They immediately evoke in me a deep sense of the Presence. The words are rich and deep and wise. The melodies and harmonies are beautiful, interesting and satisfying. My favorite songs are “The Rhythm of the Lord” “Breathe,” “Catch the Buddha” (love the fun and wisdom of that one!), and “Being Human” — Rev. Karen Wolfson, Sarasota, FL

“ONE is absolutely fabulous. I have heard a lot the last few years, and it will be the one I carry in my personal collection.” – Suz Ogden, singer/songwriter, Oklahoma City, OK

“There are artists who have the ability to make your soul smile. Lew Doty is one of those artists. The depth of his heart-felt expression inspires and nourishes a hungry spirit. ONE will enrich anyone who gives a listen.” — Rev. Rhetta Morgan, Philadelphia, PA

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