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WFM Welcome!

If you’re reading this, you’re on our new website. Welcome!

We hope you’ll take some time and look around, explore, learn to travel through the plethora of ideas, goodies, creative whims—all there for you!

Don’t be afraid to dive in. Don’t worry, you can’t break anything. Who knows? You might find a song you never thought of, a piece of knowledge you never knew, a course that sparks your interest, a story that warms your heart.

Most of all, we’re trying to inspire you to take the leap to a higher consciousness. Try your wings! Whaddya got to lose?

One thought on “WFM Welcome!

  1. I am so very pleased about this huge accomplishment and step forward by Watchfire Music and it’s guardians, Peter Link and Julia Wade!

    Over the past years, buying and making music has almost become unworldly. As the old record company models failed slowly but surely, a new technology shot out in front of us, pulling the rug out from under many, making it our task to learn how to keep up, and keep up quickly.

    I have been an artist on the Watchfire roster for much of the latter part of my career and have always been impressed
    with the care and profound interest Peter and Julia have always taken in bringing the very best they can to their Watchfire’s followers and customers!

    This has included an intense dial up of their knowledge of the world we live in today — marketing, publicity, how to care for their supporters, how to compete, and at the end of the day, how to make sure that their mission — Watchfire Music — is always there, bringing us the music they believe in!

    Thank you for giving me a space from which to give the gift of music to friends and family. As an artist, I’m grateful for this space in which to create and release music into this new technical music highway.

    Jenny Burton

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