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A Gift of Christmas Songs Just For You!

Your Inspirational Songs of the Week

December 18 – December 24, 2017

A Gift of Christmas Songs Just For You!


Don Rebic/Emily Bindiger || Jeff Meegan || Julia Wade || The Accidentals

Listen to the Music!

Don Rebic - Christmas Song performed by Emily Bindiger


Jeff Meegan - Bring Them Home from "Season of Love"


Julia Wade - Some Children See Him from "Story For The Ages"


The Accidentals - Carol of the Bells from "I'm Not Going Home For Christmas"

“Christmas Song”—Performed by Emily Bindiger; Written by Don Rebic; Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

Here’s a song that sounds to me like a Christmas classic. Long time friend and world-class pianist, Don Rebic, called me several months ago and asked me to produce and orchestrate a new Christmas song he wrote. Michael Feinstein had sung the song at his annual Holiday show here in NYC at the Regency last year to great clamor and suggested to Don that he record it and get it out there. —Peter Link

“Bring Them Home”—Performed and Written by Jeff Meegan

A Holiday masterpiece! Season of Love brings the season to life with new songs destine to become your favorites. Sugared with jazz, smooth jazz and pop each song leaves you wanting to hear it over and over. Hear why the Boston Globe calls it a “refreshing treat that Swings with holiday mirth and reflection”.


“Some People See Him”—Performed by Julia Wade; Music and Lyrics by Wihla Hutson & Alfred S. Burt; Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

“Story For The Ages is a timeless CD. Julia Wade’s soulful interpretation of these beautiful songs reflects upon the life, times, and teachings of Christ Jesus. Let this CD help you celebrate the Christ and Christmas during this holiday season!”



“Carol Of The Bells”—Performed and Arranged by The Accidentals

An eclectic mixture of holiday fun, Christmas nostalgia and classic standards, this CD is beautifully sung by one of the foremost a capella groups in America. You’ll laugh, you’ll weep and, best of all, you’ll remember what Christmas is all about.

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Don Rebic

Christmas Song

Jeff Meegan

Seasons of Love

Julia Wade

Story for the Ages

(Don Rebic) “Featured vocalist, Emily Bindiger, is the perfect voice of anticipation and joy for Don Rebic’s 'Christmas Song'!” –Melanie Griggs, Los Angeles, CA
(Jeff Meegan) "A refreshing treat, this album of mostly originals swings with holiday mirth and genuine reflection. Several tracks, co-written by local Brad Hatfield, deserve to be seasonal classics, including the prayer for peace 'Bring Them Home.'" –The Boston Globe
(Julia Wade) "No home should be without these two things. A Bible and Julia Wade's new CD "Story for the Ages." If I were a doctor I would prescribe this record for anyone with stress, high blood pressure or in plain language, the misery. Ms. Wade has a way of transporting us to a higher plane, but there is nothing plain about her singing. She has the voice of an angel. This record will get played over and over." -- Carol Jay, New York, NY
(The Accidentals) "There’s nothing accidental about THE ACCIDENTALS. Every breath they take and every tone they emit is exquisitely coordinated to create a smooth symphony of sound...They combine harmony with humor and a slightly off-center perspective...No matter what the song, this group can handle it. The Accidentals blend their individually-distinct voices and bring forth sounds that would give any orchestra a run for its money." —Laurie Lawson

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  1. Really lovely music, expressing the feeling of Christmas. Beautiful voices and accompaniments So inspiring !

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