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Julia Wade: Peace Be Still

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December 4 – December 10, 2017

Peace Be Still


Sunday Morning

Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link || Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Listen to the Sample!

Note from the Composer

When I had finished my songbook, “Solos For Sunday Morning” I asked Julia if there might be a song or two from the 13 songs that she would like to sing on her new sacred CD she was working on. She listened for a few days to my demos and got back to me saying, “I’d like to do 11 of them.” Every composer’s dream! So, I went to work orchestrating the songs for her.

We then added two more songs from other composers to round it out to 13 songs – “On Eagles Wings” and a gorgeous song from WFM composer, Peter Allen.

These are all songs referencing some of our favorite passages from the Bible.

I feel that it is some of our best work together. —Peter Link

About The Song

A song of peace. The story of Jesus calming the storm set to music. Feel the waters rise, feel the wind, feel the storm rage…and be with the Master as he calms the storm, “and the wind and the sea obey him.” Feel the peace. Be still.

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“The first time I heard Julia sing one of your songs in the Mother Church, first of all, I recognized your background in musical theatre (even before I knew who wrote it). It sounded like a person relating something that had actually happened, like a testimony.” —Mel Atkey, London, England

"Thank you all for this lovely recording. It reminded me of spending some time with a dear lady that I had never heard speak a word. One afternoon when I was visiting with her, she suddenly spoke to me and said, 'I care! I care!' That is the feeling that comes from deep in the heart, and I felt that as I was listening to this music." ~Zoe Alexander, San Francisco, CA

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One thought on “Julia Wade: Peace Be Still

  1. Dear Julia and Peter-
    That is such a healing, powerful treatment.
    Thank You for your great gift.
    Love to you both,

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