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Julia Wade: “On Eagle’s Wings”

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January 15 - January 21, 2018

On Eagle's Wings


Sunday Morning

Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link || Lyrics and Music by Michael Joncas

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Note from the Composer

When I had finished my songbook, “Solos For Sunday Morning” I asked Julia if there might be a song or two from the 13 songs that she would like to sing on her new sacred CD she was working on. She listened for a few days to my demos and got back to me saying, “I’d like to do 11 of them.” Every composer’s dream! So, I went to work orchestrating the songs for her.

We then added two more songs from other composers to round it out to 13 songs – “On Eagles Wings” and a gorgeous song from WFM composer, Peter Allen.

These are all songs referencing some of our favorite passages from the Bible.

I feel that it is some of our best work together. —Peter Link

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“It is lovely!!” —Alice, GA

“When I bicycle-even in cold weather I often listen to the new CD. It is so uplifting and brings such inspiration with such wonderful messages. ? So deeply value all you both do to lift us all to the higher contemplations and demonstration of Soul. You both are truly Love’s messengers.” —Sondra, OH

“Thank you so much for Julia Wade’s beautiful CD Sunday Morning! It’s my go to music day or night. What a blessing it is!!!!” —Erma, TN

“Simply beautiful! You are both astoundingly bright lights in this world. Thank you!” —Caroline, CA

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One thought on “Julia Wade: “On Eagle’s Wings”

  1. Lovely, sublime, inspired. No one could hear this and not be raised up. The voice of an angel! Thank you…

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