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New Digital Sheet Music Titles!

New Digital Sheet Music Titles


April Brahinsky

Carolyn Kardinal

Deborah Offenhauser

Elizabeth Ragsdale

More Recent Additions to Watchfire Music’s Sacred Song Catalogue:

Peter Link
Consider the Lilies
In Praise
Live In Peace
The Daily Prayer
Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole|
Words Upon The Wall

Jennifer Nubel
Seek Ye The Truth

Lea Schmidt-Rogers
How Excellent Is Thy Name

John F. Wilson
Brood O’er Us
Christmas Gifts
On Waking
So Sure Am I
What Shall I Render?
O Gentle Presence
Praise (My Voice Shalt Thou Hear in the Morning, O Lord)
Teach Me to Love
The Beatitudes
The Lord Is My Shepherd 

John F. Wilson
Christ My Refuge
Speak Gently
The Song of Soul

Greg Granoff
Christmas Morn (New Setting)
The Water of Meribah

Austin C. Lovelace
Christmas Trumpets
Faith Is
In the Bleak Midwinter
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
My Morning Song
O Love That Casts Out Fear
Search Me, O God
Sing a New Song!
Still, Still, Still
Than Eye Hath Seen
The Holy Child
The Lord My Shepherd Is
The Love of God
Though I Lift Mine Eyes
What Is This Lovely Fragrance?

Elizabeth Ragsdale
Tithe of Gratitude

Katrina Wylie
Christ My Refuge

And Organ/Keyboard Titles
from these WFM Composers:

April Brahinsky

Daniel Burton

Simon Clark

Ron Di Salvio

Susan Lindquist

Deborah Offenhauser

Elizabeth Ragsdale

Lea Schmidt-Rogers

Nicholas Schliapin

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