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Susan Millard Schwarz: “Lord, You Have Searched Me and Known Me”

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January 8 – January 14, 2017

Lord, You Have Searched Me and Known Me

Here is an Early Preview from New Artist Susan Millard Schwarz' New Album

Gather Us In

Performed by Susan Millard Schwarz || Composed by Daniel Burton || Lyrics from Psalm 139

Listen to the Music!

Watchfire Music Welcomes Classical Mezzo Soprano—Susan Millard Schwarz New Album, Gather Us In

We’re excited to bring you a classical artist with both a deep textual understanding and an instrument to match. This is a beautifully-produced album, full of inspiration and excellent performances by all involved.

The single "Lord, You Have Searched Me and Known Me", previewed here, is a beautiful expression of Psalm 139 set to music and includes intermittent viola throughout. The song is meditative, reassuring and comforting.

The album “Gather Us In” is a compilation of some of Susan Millard Schwarz's favorite inspirational songs, from three different faith traditions: Christian Science, United Methodism, and Judaism. Songs include texts from Mary Baker Eddy, the United Methodist Hymnal, and from Jewish poet, Hannah Szenes.

It is a collaborative effort of outstanding musicians from central Ohio: Susan Frost – piano, Brett Allen – viola, David Schmoll – keyboard and guitar, Lisa Jelle – flute, and John McBride – Bodhrán. Together, I believe we have created a beautiful expression of God’s love and grace for all. It is a privilege to share it with you.

About the Artist

Susan is frequently hailed for her interpretive abilities as a fine vocal artist.  Her musicality is revealed through her vocal warmth and exquisite color, and also the sensitivity with which she shapes her melodic lines.

"One of the things I admire most about Susan’s work on her new CD is her great attention to the accessibility of her message to her audience.  This isn’t just another voice – Susan is the real deal." ~Peter Link

Find Out More About The Artist and the Music!

“Proud of my friend Susan Millard Schwarz on her CD, GATHER US IN,…. As anyone who knows [her] can attest, she is a woman of deep faith and spirituality, which comes across in every one of the eleven tracks on this marvelous recording. And her beautiful voice has never sounded better. Hearing her on this CD was a special joy, as I know it will be for any listener.” David E. Weaver, author: BLACK DIVA OF THE THIRTIES: THE LIFE OF RUBY ELZY

“Your voice is very beautiful throughout, and your pianist and instrumentalists did lovely work too. I think my favorite selection is “Thus I Will Bless Thee.” It is a profound piece and in your performance, very deeply felt and communicated in a nuanced way. It really got to me especially.” Tedrin L. in Lexington, KY

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