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What’s New At WFM

WFM Is Proud To Welcome
Classical mezzo Soprano – Susan Millard Schwarz

We’re excited to bring you a classical artist with both a deep textual understanding and an instrument to match. This is a beautifully produced album, full of inspiration and excellent performances by all involved.

Susan is frequently hailed for her interpretive abilities as a fine vocal artist. Her musicality is revealed through her vocal warmth and exquisite color, and also the sensitivity with which she shapes her melodic lines.

One of the things I admire most about Susan’s work on her new CD is her great attention to the accessibility of her message to her audience. This isn’t just another voice – Susan is the real deal. I think the following audience quote sums this up best.

“I spoke with my mother, whom I had sent the CD I purchased from you. She listens to the entire album multiple times daily, and simply loves your voice.” ~John M in Lebanon, OH

Now Available!

One thought on “What’s New At WFM

  1. How can I hear samples from “Gather Us In”? I am thinking of purchasing it
    for my CS branch church for possible solos, but would like to list to it first.
    Marcia Erickson
    [email protected]
    for Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Raleigh, NC

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