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Susan Millard Schwarz: “Offertory”

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

February 5 – February 11, 2018



Gather Us In

Performed by Susan Millard Schwarz || Composed by John Ness Beck || Lyrics by John Ness Beck

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We’re excited to bring you a classical artist with both a deep textual understanding and an instrument to match. This is a beautifully-produced album, full of inspiration and excellent performances by all involved.

The single "Offertory" is a beautiful song that describes what God asks of us; comforting and reassuring. It is music with an even tempo, ABA form; with a quasi-recitative section in the middle.

A person of faith, Susan has great interest in whatever spiritual quality there may be within a piece of music.  This may be a depiction of the natural world, as is found in German Lieder, or it may be a direct message from the Bible, as is frequently found in Christian Science repertoire.  And sometimes, a song that carries a simple reminder that we are not alone is enough to deliver deep healing to a listener’s heart.

Susan has said she is most gratified by vocal music that not only fits her voice, but that carries meaning, whether by text, or by music, or both. The best comments for her are centered on what personal messages her presentations hold for her audiences.

About the Artist

Susan is frequently hailed for her interpretive abilities as a fine vocal artist.  Her musicality is revealed through her vocal warmth and exquisite color, and also the sensitivity with which she shapes her melodic lines.

"One of the things I admire most about Susan’s work on her new CD is her great attention to the accessibility of her message to her audience.  This isn’t just another voice – Susan is the real deal." ~Peter Link

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“I got your CD yesterday evening. I listened to it twice last night, and early this morning before my Tuesday morning prayer group. It is so peaceful and has ministered to me.” —Carol Z. in Wilmore, KY

"The CD is wonderful ... great music choices—and your delivery superb." —Donna C. in Glenford, OH

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