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New CD From Peter Link

Later this spring Watchfire Music and Peter Link will release a new CD, entitled “Remnants” written, produced and sung by Peter Link.

Peter notes, “I’ve been in the studio since early January working on the tracks and vocals of this pet project that is something I’ve wanted to do for many years now. I’d like to take some of you along for a ride if you so desire, so I’m starting today a 10 part Blog Series right here to share the experience of recording and writing this 12 song work. Here’s a little hint (or perhaps a big one) to kick things off":

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

And now I bring to you the remnants of a lifetime
The remnants of a lifetime …

Yes these were songs and scraps of songs
That never found a home
Words that never made enough sense
Melodies left unattended
Until one day
I dreamt of resurrection …

And so they rose on up from the ashes of a lifetime
These scraps and notes on napkins
Those scribbles on margins
Never remembered
Those musings of the mind
And the tunes left behind

So now have a little listen to the remnants of my mind
Have a little listen to the remnants of a lifetime

Please enjoy my remnants
Please applaud their renaissance
Come celebrate their reincarnation
It’s not often that we all get a second chance
So grab on to the moment
Cuz It’s never too late to be born again

Stay tuned to these pages and join me in the production of this redemptive project.

4 thoughts on “New CD From Peter Link

  1. Gorgeous lyrics….can’t wait to hear what’s coming down the pike, Peter ! Loved the photo, too!

  2. I am looking so forward to Peter’s new CD. I know first hand of the amazing work that has gone into the thought and making of it. Peter’s getting ready for this CD has given him a much deeper insight into being a singer. He has instructed and supported many of us in the recording studio, on stage, and in many other niches of teaching and directing for many years, but actually doing it is a whole other thing.
    Doing his own album, and one so personal, has been a major challenge to this “quiet man”, and a great learning experience. One can’t ask much more from the things we endeavor to do. That it makes us better at what we do and is an authentic work, are two things of great importance. This album and the experience of making it has put Peter even closer to understanding the singers that he produces in the studio. Not to get off the subject, but because I’ve had a sneak peek, I ask you all to please listen. I know this album is something special!

    Jenny Burton

  3. I am very excited about today’s release of Peter Link’s new CD.
    Having already had a sneak preview listen, I can truly say that this is a very special and beautiful album.
    Peter Link, usually behind the console making others’ musical dreams come true, sat down for the past 6 months
    and made his own dream come true!
    I’ve spent many hours in the studio with this very special, talented composer,
    who has guided me and taught me the best of what I know as an artist.
    I am very proud of him and this very special endeavor.
    I think Mr. Link has set the bar with this album, where he’s always set it, High!
    Congratulations Maestro!

    1. Thank you, Jenny. You make me blush. :o)

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