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Lew Doty: “How the World Is Changed”

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April 3 - April 9, 2018

How the World Is Changed



Composed and Performed by Lew Doty

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In these times of ever-increasingly rapid shifts in the world at large, it is comforting to remember the more measured, contemplative changes that each of us can pursue in our own thoughts and lives. This reminder is reinforced by a soothing acoustic accompaniment on Lew Doty’s How the World Is Changed, off his latest CD, Angel. These 10 songs can be appreciated while dancing around the living room or as an accompaniment to contemplation. In either instance, Angel is sure to open the listener up to a deeper awareness of God and themselves. This is a CD to begin and end your day with.

About the Artist

Lew Doty, although influenced over the years by many artists, has developed a style that is all his own. His lyrics are filled with spiritual principles, his voice ranges from angelic and tender to smoky and hard-driving. The songs he writes are often deeply contemplative, but easily transition to outrageously joyful and sometimes even humorous in their style. But the one continuous thread throughout Lew’s music is its intention. In every song he writes and in every performance he gives, Lew conveys his message of love, acceptance, allowing, peace and connectedness. As one of his fans told him, “Listening to you is better than going to church.” You can’t help but hear God in Lew Doty’s music.

After years of studying at The Guitar Study Center in NYC and as a private student of world-renowned guitarist Chuck Wayne, Lew Doty enjoyed 10 years of performing his original music in clubs and colleges in the NYC metro area. In the early ‘70s, marriage and a family took precedence and Lew hung up his guitar, his life taking him in a completely different direction. In 1997, Lew was introduced to the New Thought movement, and suddenly music and lyrics sprang up within him as his spirit was ignited, and he could no longer ignore the creative urge. Within a very short time, Lew became a well-known name among New Thought churches in the greater Philadelphia area, and he began to see this new career as a music ministry.



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"I've had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Lew over several years. I'm hoping to get to see him this coming Sunday! His personality and his music is delightful. His voice, music and message can be listened to with total enjoyment. Thanks, Lew!" -Ron Plog, Harmony, NJ

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2 thoughts on “Lew Doty: “How the World Is Changed”

  1. Good music from an even greater man who I’ve had the privilege to meet and befriend.

  2. Lew Doty’s celebration of his first CD organized by Susan was a memorable evening. It was easy to understand why we responded from the soul to his work.. Love is the essence of all that Lew Doty and you feel it in his music. I have this album and like it very much.

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