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Peter Link / Noah Marlowe: “God Made It So”

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April 10 - April 16, 2018

God Made It So


Miracle of Faith

Performed by Noah Marlowe
Composed, Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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God Made It So is a narrative song describing the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitudes from the unique perspective of the young boy who offered up the five loaves and two fishes, sung by Broadway star Noah Marlowe. It is from the album Miracle Of Faith – A Trilogy, an Inspirational Suite for orchestra and voices, produced and composed by Peter Link with lyrics by Dora Redman and Link, written as a Musical of the Imagination. It features 2 other characters in addition to the boy: Mary Magdalene, sung by Julia Wade, and Thomas, the disciple, sung by Link himself.

About the Artist

Noah Marlowe is a seasoned veteran of the Broadway stage, an actor of depth and is blessed with a singing voice that belies his age (which happened to be 12 years at the time of this recording). Still in the process of finding his particular genre of musical styling he explores several traditions here ranging from Pop to Rock to Broadway and often finds an original mix of all three.

What’s special about Noah is that he is also an actor who connects with his lyric, and that makes his performances rich and most entertaining for people of all ages. You’ll find in Noah an artist working far beyond his years.

Peter Link is probably best known for his work as a composer/lyricist. His CD, Thru Me, is a compilation of some of his favorite songs that he has written throughout his long and varied career. His Ode To Joy album is a mostly instrumental and personal statement on the joys of life. He has also produced and orchestrated for many of the Watchfire artists: Julia Wade, Mindy Jostyn, Jenny Burton, Tom Tipton, Osceola Davis, and Bobby Stanton, to name a few.

Peter won the NY Drama Desk Award for his musical, Salvation, out of which came his first Gold Record, If You Let Me Make Love To You, Then Why Can’t I Touch You? which sold over two million records. He is a two-time Tony Award Nominee for his musical scores of Joseph Papp’s Much Ado About Nothing and Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor. His Broadway credits include Ulysses In Nighttown (Zero Mostel), Lysistrata (Melina Mercouri), The Mighty Gents (Morgan Freeman), Trelawney Of The Wells at Lincoln Center (Meryl Streep, Michael Tucker, Mandy Patinkin, John Lithgow) and King Of Hearts.



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"The sheer range of style and excellency of every number demonstrated talents and skills placing Link among our foremost musical craftsmen. By evening's end any spirit that hasn't been uplifted should be checked for consciousness." —Carolyn Rollin Albert, Singles Almanac

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  1. From Miracle of Faith Trilogy…God Made it So…….purely lovely.
    THANK YOU! Audys Dodge Losche

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