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Remnants – Part 2


Here is a song that evolved from a scrap, a fragment, a lyrical moment in a funny song written decades ago. Funny and clever then; not so funny today.

In this age of hegemonic masculinity scandals, a tragic but absolutely most necessary time of exposure, revelation and hopefully correction and healing, not all men are guilty. But where is the line of demarcation with guilt? Where is the line of demarcation in cheating, in flirting … in seduction?

In this song, our main character is claiming innocence, but in the same moment apologizing for his guilt. Guilty of what? Guilty of his naivete in seccumbing (almost) to seduction? Is he truly innocent? Or was he teased into a situation that got him, for a moment, in over his head? On the other hand, maybe he was simply being a good Samaritan. We’ll leave you to decide. We’ll leave you to ponder and hopefully debate the honesty of the moment. One thing for sure, however, he absolutely loves Angelina.

By the way, the scrap, taken from a silly song written decades ago, was the two rhyming lines about the hat. :o)


Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Why so distant and cool
Making me feel a fool

What could I do
I was sincere but naive
She seemed so helpless
I was a fool to believe

I confess to my sins
I admit to my slip
But I just did not see
Her come on to me

Nothing happened
I can assure you of that
I only took off my hat

Angelina I’m yours
And I’m down on my knees
Begging you to please, please
Believe in me

So c’mon home
I’ll be waiting
With a rose on your pillow
Saying “I love you”
Hey it’s me
I’m the one who had vowed
Always to cherish you

Baring the things we bared
Doing the things we dared
Loving the love we shared
In that precious space
There in the afterglow

Don’t tear your heart from me
Don’t forget now my heart
You’re my lifeline
I will not let you go

It wasn’t what you believed
I was faithful
Don’t let your heart break free
Angelina no
Don’t let this lifeline go
I’m still the one you know
There in the afterglow

Darlin’ I love you

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