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Remnants – Part 6

Once again, back in my 20s, I wrote a song that musically and lyrically stuck with me for decades. Originally written as a kind of folk song, it is one of the few that lyrically seemed to me now to be far beyond my age then in content and required not the change of a single word. Sometimes, back then, a song would just spill out of me and be a complete statement of thought. Those instances were rare, but when they happened, they were always moments of great encouragement for me.

Here is a song that is a prayer. I was a kid just off the bus from St. Louis, arriving in New York City on a wing and a prayer. I had no idea of what lay ahead of me and whether or not I could “make it” in New York City. But I had the enthusiasm of youth, the daring “nothing-can-stop-me-now” naiveté that somehow strips away the fear of failure.

And yet there is in the song a mature understanding at age 24 that I wasn’t going to be able to succeed all by myself, that I needed God’s support in this new life.

Looking back, I have to laugh at all the mistakes I made in my 20s and 30s. The choices of how I went about my life and career were not always thought out with a whole lot of focus. But my prayers were answered. Even with all the dumb choices that I made, there was a guiding hand, mind, impulse putting me in the right place at the right time and making it possible for my talent to develop and grow.

So here’s a remnant that I’m remembering of a time when I’m looking forward to this present time in my life. This song became the cover concept for the CD.

Here is a song that brings me full circle.

Shadows Away

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

All my life I’ve lived like a child
Who’s safe in the arms of his mother
Now the feeling has gone away
Now I’m coming of age
Now I’m facing the great unknown
Now I’m taking the stage

May mother’s light be with me tonight
And chase all the shadows away lord
Shine a little light on me
Shadows away
Shine a little light on me
Shadows away

Here I am a child in a man
And don’t know the one from the other
Sometimes feeling a boy again
Sometimes acting my age
Sometimes silly old me again
Sometimes playing the sage

Wisdom’s child he comes and he goes
And one never knows where to find him
So shine a little light on me
Shadows away
Shine a little light on me
Shadows away
And let me be
Let me be
Closer to Thee
And in the final hour
Let me be me

Time will tell the shadows will fall
The mysteries all will be over
So shine a little light on me
Shadows away
Shine a little light on me
Shadows away

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