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Julia Wade: “Even Now”

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May 29 - June 4, 2018

Even Now



Performed by Julia Wade
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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In times of hardship, hope can be difficult to find. Whether it's grief from a loss, self-criticism due to a personal failing, heartache brought on by unrequited love, or even simple physical exhaustion, our tribulations can seem bigger and more immediate than anything else in the universe. But during our experiences of personal struggle, we must remember that we can always tap into the ever-flowing fount of hope and love that God provides. Julia Wade's Even Now is a gentle, lilting reminder of this omnipresent help available to each and every one of us. It accompanies two additional songs on her album Affirmations, an EP of solos written, produced, and orchestrated by Peter Link, and previously performed by Julia during Sunday Services in 2011 at the International Headquarters of the Christian Science Church in Boston.

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"When I face all the national and international tragedies of loss, grief, death, and their difficult circumstances that simply defy logic, (as in 'How could this possibly happen?') first and last, I turn to God for answers. Along the way, very often, it is in the music and lyrics that I find God's comfort and assurance. This song is for a precious friend to many who was lost to us this past week. It's for her family and friends and for all those in her circle of influence. And it's for all of us working our way through this. Even Now." - Julia Wade

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2 thoughts on “Julia Wade: “Even Now”

  1. Beautifully, healingly, helpful! Thank you.🌻

    1. Jewelia, Thanks for writing in. So glad we could help!

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