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Jenny Burton: “The Times They Are A-Changin”

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August 14 - August 20, 2018

The Times They Are A-Changin


Is Anybody Listening?

Performed by Jenny Burton
Music and Lyrics by Bob Dylan
Orchestrated and Produced by Peter Link

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The only constant is change. Sometimes the changes come so slowly that they are only noticed in hindsight, but in today’s world, with technology, politics, and society as a whole changing seemingly minute-to-minute, it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, we have music—a familiar salve regardless of its own evolution through the years—to ease our anxieties, and the familiarity and ever-present relevance of Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin does the job nicely. Sung by Jenny Burton, with back-up vocals from the cast of “Is Anybody Listening?”, this is a refreshingly upbeat and melodic arrangement of the original Bob Dylan recording, which was originally released over 50 years ago. This version is part of the Is Anybody Listening? album, a musical experience designed to lift people’s thought to a higher sense of awareness and healing. “Is Anybody Listening?” is a clarion call to the world to pay attention, taking an in depth and inspiring look at how today’s issues can be healed spiritually by inspiring mankind to live in a higher state of consciousness.

About the Artist

Jenny Burton is an amazing Gospel vocalist whose career has spanned several decades. She has sung all over the world as both as a solo performer and with The Jenny Burton Experience.

Produced almost exclusively by Peter Link, she has had a long and varied career as both a Dance Music/R&B artist and a Gospel artist.

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“It’s a bone-chilling soul-searching arousal of humanity and its ability to survive and thrive. EVERYBODY should be listening!” —Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

“I’m still full of the joy … The songs … spoke to us to savor our souls and our planet. Thank you for allowing me to experience such work. Peter Link is a musical genius!” —Charles Turner, NYC

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5 thoughts on “Jenny Burton: “The Times They Are A-Changin”

  1. Thank you for reminding me that the spirit exists and thrives among those with a creative consciousness .

    1. Exist it does, Joette! Thanks for writing in.

  2. Great rendition of a great song! Good work to the production & execution. You are a diamond in the ruff of the week😊

  3. Thank you Jenny and Peter for this truly inspiring song! It is as inspirational today as the first time I heard it with JBX in NY – and every time since. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Aahh, Andy! Yes we do go way back! Always great to hear from you. Thanks for your tremendous support through the years!

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