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Leon Williams: “Unforgettable”

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October 16 - October 22, 2018



The Art of Leon Williams

Performed by Leon Williams
Music and Lyrics by Irving Gordon

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Irving Gordon’s Unforgettable, made famous by Nat King Cole’s rendition in the 50’s, is superbly performed here by Leon Williams, whose rich voice and heartfelt delivery imbue this classic composition with new life. This timeless love song succinctly describes the all-encompassing memories we cherish of our loved ones, as well as the wondrous knowledge that our thoughts and feelings are reciprocated. It is off Leon’s album The Art of Leon Williams, a souvenir collection of highlights from Leon’s tour of the same name. A showcase of vocal mastery, these performances from a variety of sources (including jazz standards, oldies pop, spirituals, musical numbers, and film tunes) are wonderful reminders of why these songs are still performed and adored today even in some cases after 50 years or more.

About the Artist

Classically trained, Leon Williams is an extremely versatile baritone who soars to tenorial heights with ease and power, is committed to every word of text and takes the listener to a place which completely surpasses mere entertainment. Leon has wowed audiences around the globe with his impassioned interpretations of everything from the cantatas of J.S Bach to his performance of the leading role of Coalhouse Walker Jr. in the original Broadway production of the hit musical Ragtime.

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"Beautiful music and a great song selection sung with great warmth and feeling." -Samuel Montgomery, Prairie View, Texas

"I have been taking your CD to varying places letting people hear the great voice that God has given you." -Charles E. Tatum, Houston, Texas

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2 thoughts on “Leon Williams: “Unforgettable”

  1. Unforgettable – so inspiring- a beautiful baritone voice – Leon Williams. thanks so much for sharing this .

    1. Thank you, Ruth. thanks for writing in.

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