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Mindy Jostyn: “Love Never Fails”

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February 12 - February 18, 2019

Love Never Fails


In His Eyes

Performed by Mindy Jostyn
Music from an American folk tune
Words from I Corinthians, adapted by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman

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Love Never Fails is a rustic ode to the ever-present, unassuming majesty of love in its purest form. Its direct lyrics remind us that mere charisma or knowledge are empty qualities when unaccompanied by the strength of love, whose power can be heard everywhere even though it speaks softly. The music is an original take on the beloved American folk tune, “The Water Is Wide”, with the words adapted from the text of First Corinthians 13 in a unique and special way. The song is off Mindy’s beloved album In His Eyes, a wonderful collection of 16 non-denominational folk hymns flavored with musical influences from around the world and featuring Mindy’s expressive vocals and her command of violin, accordion, keyboard, guitar and harmonica. This track can also be found on Songs of Love, a hand-picked collection of songs themed around all the varieties of love — physical love, spiritual love, Valentine love, familial love, and love for The Master.

About the Artist

For nearly ten years, Mindy Jostyn toured throughout the eastern United States wowing audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, and her command of a host of different instruments including guitar, violin, harmonica, accordion, and piano.

Not only did Mindy Jostyn wow audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, but she brought a unique voice to inspirational and sacred music in the form of gentle folk hymns and truly original songs that speak directly to the hungry heart.

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"Mindy Jostyn is among the most exciting songwriters to emerge in some time; her ballads reveal a poet's aim for life's revealing little moments. Everything is delivered with sparkling musicality and an emotional voice." —The Boston Globe

"A few days ago my sister gave me three of Mindy's albums to listen to. I listened to each one, then listened again. I have never heard anyone who comes close to delivering such heart felt messages with so much grace and beauty. Her music just radiates in your soul." —Peter Kemmsies

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8 thoughts on “Mindy Jostyn: “Love Never Fails”

  1. How lovely! Is the sheet music for voice and piano available?

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I thought I owned this cd but now I’m going to buy it—-again?!!

    1. Yes, Becky, this CD is definitely a winner!

  3. So good to hear her voice and a melody that is one of those eternal, universal, instantly heart-touching.

    1. Pete, always great to hear Mindy — agreed. And always great to hear from you.

  4. So good to hear and see Mindy Jostyn’s music on your site! It is good to have her music more widely shared. I hope to see more of it. I love this album and especially “In His Eyes”– very uplifting! With thanks! Sue K in CA

    1. Sue, make sure you check our Mindy’s Coming Home Album as well as her secular music CDs — all on WFM.

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