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Lew Doty: “Moving On”

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March 19 - March 25, 2019

Moving On


Wind and Water

Performed by Lew Doty
Music and Lyrics by Lew Doty

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Moving On is a tranquil, contemplative song about the simple truth of God’s infinitude. Lew’s voice and guitar blend beautifully to deliver this message, reminding us that whenever we are uncertain where to go next in life, the answer is that we are already there, reflecting God in perfect harmony. The song is off Lew’s album Wind and Water, a collection of some of his most requested songs presented in a mature style, while offering everything his fans have come to expect and love from Lew, his deep spiritual connection, his principle-based lyrics and beautiful melodies, and his unique voice conveying everything he feels so deeply. It can also be found on The Winds of Change, a Watchfire Music compilation CD that is all about the future – and the past. It’s about the many inevitable changes we all go through every day of our lives. This song is one of 14 that each dig down into the illusive concepts of the changing landscapes of our lives and illuminate them to our hearts and minds.

About the Artist

Lew Doty, although influenced over the years by many artists, has developed a style that is all his own. His lyrics are filled with spiritual principles, his voice ranges from angelic and tender to smoky and hard-driving. The songs he writes are often deeply contemplative, but easily transition to outrageously joyful and sometimes even humorous in their style. But the one continuous thread throughout Lew’s music is its intention. In every song he writes and in every performance he gives, Lew conveys his message of love, acceptance, allowing, peace and connectedness. As one of his fans told him, “Listening to you is better than going to church.” You can’t help but hear God in Lew Doty’s music.

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"I've had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Lew over several years. I'm hoping to get to see him this coming Sunday! His personality and his music is delightful. His voice, music and message can be listened to with total enjoyment. Thanks, Lew!" —Ron Plog, Harmony, NJ

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