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New Release | “I Run to the Rock”

I Run To The Rock

 Lyrics by Steve Okwor
Music by Steve Okwor, Peter Link & Jenny Burton
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

A Short History…

A gifted Watchfire Music University student brings an inspired lyric and a haunting melody to his teacher.

The teacher recognizes the beauty of the creation and jumps on board the process, adding the musical arrangement, orchestration and production to the moment.

Then the teacher invites the perfect Watchfire Music artist to sing the song.  Not only does her singing fulfill the student’s vision, but she also adds improvisational ideas based upon the themes created by the student that take the song to new plateaus.

The teacher dives in again with more arrangement, orchestration, production and the song evolves from song to suite.

A suite (pronounced “sweet”) is a collection of short musical pieces which can be played one after another. The pieces are usually dance movements. The French word “suite” means “a sequence” of things, i.e. one thing following another. In the 17th century many composers such as Bach and Handel wrote suites.

And in the 21st century, student Steve Okwor, a Christian Science nurse from Nigeria, collaborated with the teacher, Peter Link, from St. Louis, and artist Jenny Burton from the Bronx to create …

I Run To The Rock – The Suite

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