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Peter Link: “I Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord No More / I Got A Robe”

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April 2 - April 8, 2019

I Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord No More/ I Got A Robe


Goin' Home

Performed by Peter Link with Jenny Burton
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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Inspiration comes in many forms. Through music, it tends to be delivered with solemn majesty, but everyone needs a smile now and then, and this week we are bringing you just that with Peter Link’s humorous and buoyant I Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord No More/ I Got A Robe. In the words of Peter himself: “Of course there are many kinds of ways to inspire with music — with healing, with testimony, with pure spiritual Truths and then sometimes just with the pure fun of it. Here is a medley of two songs from my childhood. Both songs had long become American classic Gospel songs even way back then, and today both should still be remembered. So have a smile and maybe a laugh or two on me. Enjoy!” This song is from Peter’s album Goin’ Home, a joyful, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always musical exploration of the transition from this world to the next. Though some might speculate that it’s about our passing or our eventual transition, we prefer to think of it as a chance to stop our busy lives and take a musical moment to open our eyes to the timelessness of our future. So it’s really a celebration of eternal life.

About the Artist

Peter Link is probably best known for his work as a composer/lyricist. His Ode To Joy album is a mostly instrumental and personal statement on the joys of life. He has also produced and orchestrated for many of the Watchfire artists: Julia Wade, Mindy Jostyn, Jenny Burton, Tom Tipton, Osceola Davis, and Bobby Stanton, to name a few.

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"Composer/director/record producer Peter Link is nothing short of genius..." -Laurie Lawson, Electronic Journey

"Peter Link's score is brave, courageous, and bold with beautiful ballads to boot." -Peter Filichia, Newark Star-Ledger & TheaterMania

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2 thoughts on “Peter Link: “I Ain’t Gonna Grieve My Lord No More / I Got A Robe”

  1. As is his way, with “Goin’ Home”, Peter Link, musically takes on a subject of gravity, face on — a part of life’s experience that we each have our own take on and feelings about. With a deep and sacred respect, Peter shares his thoughts and feelings about our transition with directness, potency and humor.
    Whether frightened by leaving this earthly plain, having courage around it, or resigned to it, “Goin’ Home”, is a reminder of the continuance and eternality of life after this experience! If you’re dealing with or have dealt with the loss of loved ones, “Goin’ Home”, will make you laugh, will cause quiet tears to stream down your face and hopefully it will bring you a measure of Hope and Peace!

    1. Thanks, Jenny, for your always prescient comments and also your resounding voice on this album.

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