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Solo Thoughts Select — Recordings for Your Church Service

Just Released!

Recordings for Your Church Services
2nd Quarter 2019

April, May and June

A Comprehensive Research Tool
for Pairing Recorded Music to
the Christian Science Bible Lessons
for Your Sunday Church Services
… and More!

Available now, you can have an inspirational treasure trove of music
at your fingertips – a tremendous time-saver and
creative organizational tool for all churches.

Select Preludes, Solos, Offertories and Postludes
matched to each of the
Weekly Christian Science Bible Lessons
Also for Use in Wednesday Testimony Meetings
and other Church Functions

➜Especially for churches without live musicians
➜Also useful in churches with live musicians for last minute substitutions
➜One-stop shopping for all your music next Sunday
➜Music choices are interchangeable and left to your final intuition
➜All from the cream of the crop of Inspirational Artists around the world

Visit Our
Solo Thoughts Select
Information Page on Watchfire Music!

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