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Bobby Stanton: “Shepherd”

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

June 11 - June 17, 2019




Performed by Bobby Stanton
Music by Lyman Brackett
Arranged by Bobby Stanton
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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This week we bring you Shepherd, Bobby Stanton’s instrumental rendition of Mary Baker Eddy’s hymn “Feed My Sheep”, originally composed by Lyman Brackett. Bobby’s impeccable virtuosity is ever-present in this arrangement, as it is throughout this song’s album, also entitled Shepherd. This album, featuring Bobby’s solo guitar and orchestrated by Peter Link, has ten of your favorite hymns beautifully performed in new and refreshing styles and was one of Watchfire Music’s first releases, and continues to be a perennial favorite. Here is some insight from behind the scenes from producer and orchestrator Peter Link:

“The mystique of North Africa has always intrigued me – especially when it comes to music. It is a melting pot of religious thought, cultures and sounds creating an atmosphere that is quite compelling to a composer – an atmosphere of desert, mountains, valleys and streams all wrapped up into one region. Now put a shepherd up on a hill tending his sheep and having the quiet time for contemplation, meditation and prayer. This is the atmosphere that both Bobby Stanton and I decided to bring to Mary Baker Eddy’s most loved song, Shepherd. Give it a listen. Guaranteed to pay you a visit with the shepherd and his/her thoughts.”

About the Artist

Bobby Stanton has been playing in world-class bands since he was a teenager. He moved to Nashville and then to Boston to attend Berklee College. Bobby graduated with honors and became the first student to receive the prestigious “Ovation” award.

Bobby later won 7 Boston music awards. He also received awards from ASCAP and BMI. Bobby is a professor at Berklee and McNally Smith Colleges. He has an extensive performance legacy and has played and recorded with everyone from Bo Diddley to James Taylor.

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"I just finished listening to the Shepherd CD by Bobby Stanton. Totally inspiring! Different! Spiritually uplifting! Beautiful orchestrations! Superb sound! What more can I say - I love all the arrangements!" -Marion Miller

"Bob Stanton shows you how the arpeggios of these uncomplicated structures can be "summed" together with each other to create more complex melodic effects, including altered sounds. It's a great addition to your playing." -Guitar Player Magazine

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