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Why we do what we do: The importance of positive thought in the world.

Inspire Me Today published an article written by Watchfire Music CEO, Peter Link.  Peter describes the importance of Positive Thought, specifically “How All Things Spring From Our Thinking.”

We’re thrilled to share this with you today because it digs deeper into the importance of our mission:

We bring you Inspirational Music
to brighten your life and enliven your soul.
We serve all mankind.
We offer positive value in all our music and lyrics.
It is our mission to be a gathering of light.

You can read the article on Inspire Me Today here.


“My life works best when my thought is straight. I think every average Joe understands this simple truth. But today I’d like to take this idea several steps further and consider that all existence, all action, all things spring from our thinking.

“Think negative thoughts; we get negative results. One of my deepest beliefs in life is that the good I do equals the good I receive.”  {{Read more}}

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