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Josh Henn: “All Power Is Given Unto Our Lord”

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July 16 - July 22, 2019

All Power Is Given Unto Our Lord


Harmony of Prayer

Performed by Josh Henn
Music by Martin Luther
Lyrics by Frederic W. Root

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The familiar is rendered new in Josh Henn’s exquisite a cappella version of All Power Is Given Unto Our Lord. This popular hymn, from Martin Luther’s composition “Ein’ feste Burg”, soars to powerful heights with Josh’s voices harmonizing with each other, and leaves a lasting impression at the close of the hymn, with the lyrics “Our strength, our hope, our song” being given particular emphasis. This song is part of a beautiful compilation of hymns from the original Christian Science Hymnal entitled Harmony of Prayer, which tenderly shares and affirms God’s healing Word. All 20 hymns are sung a cappella in five-part harmony by Josh Henn. Inspiration for this project was drawn in part from a quote by Ella Rathvon, C.S.B: “Almost daily Mrs. Eddy would join with us in singing one or more of the hymns that are regularly sung in Christian Science churches and homes.” Often sung in Mary Baker Eddy’s home, “I Love to Tell the Story” is included in this collection.

About the Artist

Josh Henn is a classically-trained tenor that audiences frequently compare to Josh Groban. Listeners love Josh’s baritone/tenor range, which spans more than two octaves, offers a rich foundation, and supports controlled ascension into his upper register. Clear and refreshing, Josh’s voice is also commanding and moving as it climbs to the pinnacle of a piece.

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"Josh Henn's voice is as profoundly beautiful and prayerful as any I have EVER experienced. Only twice have I experienced seeing colors in hearing music. While listening to his CD, I was IN a rainbow." —Susan Brown, Oregon

"Josh brings to music a depth of understanding that reaches beyond the diacritical markings on the music score. With his strong voice and clear enunciation, he lets the music soar to its own heights of inspiration for every listener." —Beth Eggers, St. Louis, MO

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3 thoughts on “Josh Henn: “All Power Is Given Unto Our Lord”

  1. Martin Luther would be proud.

  2. Powerful! Magnificent. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, the men can sing! :o)

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