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Mindy Jostyn: “Picture of God”

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July 9 - July 15, 2019

Picture of God


Coming Home

Performed by Mindy Jostyn
Music by Mindy Jostyn
Lyrics by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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Mindy Jostyn’s soothing voice extols God’s reflection as seen through the world’s natural beauty in this week’s song, Picture of God. The simple imagery in the lyrics is nevertheless evocative and universal: even a stranger halfway across the world, living in a completely different culture, can appreciate a radiant dawn or a gentle sunset in much the same way that you can. This song is from Mindy’s album Coming Home , a truly inspired collection of non-denominational “folk hymns.” Produced and orchestrated by Peter Link, it’s full of musical influences from around the world and features Mindy Jostyn on lead vocals, all of her instruments, and a host of guest artists.

About the Artist

For nearly ten years, Mindy Jostyn toured throughout the eastern United States wowing audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, and her command of a host of different instruments including guitar, violin, harmonica, accordion, and piano.

Not only did Mindy Jostyn wow audiences with her soulful voice, distinctive melodies, witty and insightful lyrics, but she brought a unique voice to inspirational and sacred music in the form of gentle folk hymns and truly original songs that speak directly to the hungry heart.

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"Mindy Jostyn is among the most exciting songwriters to emerge in some time; her ballads reveal a poet's aim for life's revealing little moments. Everything is delivered with sparkling musicality and an emotional voice." —The Boston Globe

"A few days ago my sister gave me three of Mindy's albums to listen to. I listened to each one, then listened again. I have never heard anyone who comes close to delivering such heart felt messages with so much grace and beauty. Her music just radiates in your soul." —Peter Kemmsies

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8 thoughts on “Mindy Jostyn: “Picture of God”

  1. Thank you! What blessed comfort. Happy to remember Mindy – whose gifts continue to inspire.

    1. Oh so true, Linda, Oh so true …

  2. How very nice to hear Mindy again. Beautiful song.

    1. Yeah, the lady could sing … and write … and play … A great talent! And a beautiful person.

  3. What a beautiful song! Thank you

    1. Mindy was/is a very special talent — and person. I’m blessed to have worked with her.

  4. “Picture of God” is just what the world (the real, ideal world that God creates) is, and the voice, the instrumentation, and the lyrics are so gentle, calm and beautiful, that it helps you to picture the power of nature’s gifts.
    So nicely conceived, performed and produced!

    1. I take small credit. It’s so easy to produce a great artist. Mindy was/is a huge talent. Thanks for writing in!

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