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Peter Link: “This Is All I Ask”

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August 6 - August 12, 2019

This Is All I Ask



Music and Lyrics by Peter Link
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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This Is All I Ask, the last track on Peter Link’s latest album Remnants, is a poignant appeal for freedom, in whatever form that may take in the mind of the listener. Here are Peter’s notes on this composition:

“I wrote this song many years ago for a workshop production of a musical in development called Hot Chocolate that never got developed. It was sung in the workshop production by Lawrence Hamilton who later in life became a Broadway leading man and was a truly gifted singer. He also sang it a decade or so later on an off-Broadway production of mine called The River where he stopped the show night after night. We had only a bootleg recording of him singing it and though you can hear the beauty of the song in that version, it is a live cut that lacks proper production. Lawrence passed away a number of years ago, so we never got a proper recording of him doing the song, so it was with great trepidation that I attempted it myself on my own recent album, Remnants.

Put my version’s orchestration with Lawrence’s voice and I believe that would be something really special. In the meantime, this will have to suffice.”

About the Artist

Peter Link is probably best known for his work as a composer/lyricist. His Ode To Joy album is a mostly instrumental and personal statement on the joys of life. He has also produced and orchestrated for many of the Watchfire artists: Julia Wade, Mindy Jostyn, Jenny Burton, Tom Tipton, Osceola Davis, and Bobby Stanton, to name a few.

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"It's a bone-chilling soul-searching arousal of humanity and its ability to survive and thrive. EVERYBODY should be listening!" —Laurie Lawson – Electronic Link Journey

"I'm still full of the joy … The songs … spoke to us to savor our souls and our planet. Thank you for allowing me to experience such work. Peter Link is a musical genius!" —Charles Turner, NYC

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One thought on “Peter Link: “This Is All I Ask”

  1. Thank you, Peter, for “introducing” me to Lawrence Hamilton. After listening to and reading about today’s beautiful song, I looked him up on YouTube and found this performance reel. . Wonderful!
    Such a gifted and giving man, truly a worker for good! Wish I had an album or DVD of his performances.

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