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ST 4th Quarter 2019: Inside This Issue

For October, November and December 2019

Dear Solo Thoughts Friends!

A Note To New Visitors

Welcome!  We are so glad you found Solo Thoughts and all the resources it offers to musicians and music committees in Christian Science churches.

It is our goal to offer you a wide-ranging variety of sacred solos for every single week of the year.   Also, it is our constant desire to assist many different kinds of musicians and music committee members in finding solos appropriate for your individual church communities.  We are often surprised and delighted by the solo choices that come as a result of our research and study.  Truly, Inspiration guides us, and it is always a wonderful spiritual adventure along the way.

We hope you join us in this creative endeavor as you peruse Solo Thoughts.  Maybe Inspiration will nudge you to choose something completely new and different to present to your congregation.  Or, maybe you will re-discover a beloved, time-honored solo treasure to present to your church.  You might even find a beloved text set to new and provocative music!

Whatever you choose, rest assured that we have loved researching and compiling this multitudinous list of sacred solos for your musical offerings in church … And again, welcome!


A Note To Our Dedicated Tribe

What a joy to get ready for the 4th Quarter of 2019 and all that it holds – Autumn, Harvest, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more!  Of special note, this quarter yields a truly bountiful list of Thanksgiving solos both new and old that focus on praise and gratitude, as well as solos that highlight specific sections of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson.

Additionally, the Christmas story is explored in great detail in both the December 22nd and December 29th Bible Lessons.  We curated a list of songs for each week that you can use interchangeably with both Bible Lessons.  So, we invite you to move between these two Lessons freely to make your solo choices for each of these last two weeks of 2019.

Whether you are a newbie or an old-timer — or somewhere in between, we hope you enjoy exploring the wonderful song suggestions to be found in this issue of Solo Thoughts.

With warmest regards,
Julia Wade
Managing Editor

Click here for Solo Thoughts 4th Quarter.

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