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Christmas with Julia Wade and Friends

We are just weeks away from releasing Julia’s upcoming Christmas album.

While you wait Peter Link provides a behind the scenes look at the thought and recording process that went into the creation of this collection of beautiful and joyful Christmas songs.

We already shared part 1 of the series from Peter’s Sparks from the Fire blog.

You can read more of the series here:

Part 2 – Julia Wade and Friends: What Child is This?
The earliest reference to the original melody, Greensleeves, that I could find was to one Richard Jones in London way back in 1580.  It is purported that he wrote the melody as an ode to his lady … (read more)

Part 3 – Julia Wade and Friends: Bird Song
Birds!  Anyone who follows Julia on Facebook well knows that she is definitely into birds.  We have in our back and side yards an entire mélange of feeders and boast the best restaurant in town.  Blue Jays, Cardinals… (read more)

Part 4 – Julia Wade and Friends: Jingle Bells
We wanted to do a Christmas Album melding some of the classics with some new songs.  We also needed energy and if we handled a classic, I wanted to make sure that we brought something new to it… (read more)

Part 5 – Julia Wade and Friends: That’s Enough
There’s enough joy at Christmas time to be shared by all, but for some, the Christmas season can be a tough time… (read more)

And there is more to come.  You can keep up with the holiday bustle by following us here (join our mailing list), on Peter’s blog and on Watchfire Music Facebook page too.





2 thoughts on “Christmas with Julia Wade and Friends

  1. Last weekend I was invited to a listening party for Julia Wade’s forth coming Christmas CD. I’m very excited! The work, both original and familiar, is grand!

    I’ve always thought of performing, whatever the niche, as painting a canvas. Well, this Christmas canvas is painted with love, the great motivation to share, and gorgeous talent!

    Julia does a remarkable job on this CD. As well as her splendid voice, she brings the wonderful actress that she is, to the interpretation of the songs.

    As always, there’s the blending of truth, humor, wit and beauty on the platter of songs Peter Link writes, orchestrates and arranges for the artist he’s working with. Julia, delivers, delivers, delivers!!!

    I’ve fallen in love with Rebecca Minor’s work. The beauty and purity of her instrument is a joyous ride!

    Peter Link also joined on this CD vocally. I’ve long been a fan of both his composer/lyricist work, and of hearing him sing. No one knows the music’s intention and lyric better. He works on preparing his voice as well as any singer I know when getting ready for his vocal sessions.

    I’m honored as well, to be a part of this project. When I first heard the song Peter wrote for me, I simply fell in love with the lyric’s message and the song’s melody. I couldn’t wait to add my brush strokes to this Christmas canvas that is Julia Wade’s new offering!!!!

    On November 1st, it will be available on in time for stocking stuffers and under-the-tree surprises!

    The CD will be going fast, so get your orders in.

    Have an amazing and blessed Holiday Season!

    Jenny Burton

    1. Jenny, what fun reading your comment. Made my day! Thanks for being such an integral part of this project and thanks for bringing your own magic to the efforts of us all! I gotta say, every time I hear Jenny sing on this album the little hairs on the back of my neck give a standing ovation. :O)

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