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Rebecca Minor: “Through the Eyes of Love”

Rebecca Minor

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

October 15 - October 21, 2019

Through the Eyes of Love

Performed by Rebecca Minor
Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Minor

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Our song this week is Rebecca Minor’s Through the Eyes of Love, a sweetly simple duet between voice and piano inspired by the parable of the good Samaritan. Rebecca’s pure voice and catchy accompaniment complement each other perfectly in reminding us of the importance of providing grace and kindness toward strangers. The more we are able to see others “through the eyes of Love”—as God sees all His children—the more peaceful and forgiving our world will become. This song is one of many studio recordings that Rebecca has made for her own compositions, which are also available as sheet music. You can find more of her singles by clicking here, and you can find the sheet music for this song by clicking here.

About the Artist

Rebecca Minor, an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, composer and pianist, writes pop music from the heart. Her catchy melodies, unpredictable harmonic turns, rich arrangements and deeply honest lyrics will draw you in and strike you to your core. Rebecca shares her story freely, in hopes that you, the listener, will never feel alone in your struggles and triumphs.

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The Artist

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"Rebecca possesses heart as well as skill. Her pieces display the brilliance of her musical line, and the inspired accompaniment augmenting her lilting vocal!" —Michael Mastagni, Aliso Viejo, CA

"Beautiful solos, beautiful messages, beautiful voice." —Renee Van Niel, San Luis Obispo, CA

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10 thoughts on “Rebecca Minor: “Through the Eyes of Love”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your father would be proud.

    1. Thanks for writing in. We’ll let Rebecca know!

  2. I adore Rebecca’s voice and compositions. The beauty of love surges powerfully through both. It is such a pleasure to listen, to sing, and to share.

    1. We certainly do agree with you, Tamara. We’re so proud to represent her and her music.

  3. Thank you Rebecca, for this beautiful song!

    1. Hi Douglas, we shall pass your note on to rebecca. Thanks for writing in.

  4. So dear.

    1. So agree!

  5. So beautiful !! Your voice is so pure! Thank you for this moment of grace!

    1. Pure and clear are the words I always use to define Rebecca’s voice. You got that right, Steve.

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