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Julia Wade: “Bird Song”

Your Inspirational Song of the Week

December 17 - December 23, 2019

Bird Song


Julia Wade and Friends

Performed by Julia Wade
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link
Produced and Orchestrated by Peter Link

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With Christmas just around the corner, it seems impossible to not be aware of it. Yet if we were to transport ourselves to the time period of our selection this week, Julia Wade’s Bird Song, we’d find a world almost wholly unaware of the cause for celebration. So, while composing Julia’s new Christmas album, Julia Wade and Friends, Peter Link imagined an unconventional solution to this problem:

“Birds! Anyone who follows Julia on Facebook well knows that she is definitely into birds. We have in our back and side yards an entire mélange of feeders and boast the best restaurant in town. Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmouses (Titmice?), Woodpeckers, Golden Finches, Doves and, of course, Sparrows. I could go on and on. We spend a small fortune on seed for these fascinating little creatures and it’s well worth it. We placed the feeders right outside of each of our dining room windows so we eat breakfast and lunch with them every day.

“By dinner they’re all back home in their nests probably watching the Audubon Society channel on their little bird TVs. Yes, we are definitely for the birds.

“So, it was only natural that I write a new Christmas song placing a bird into the center of the action. In this adventure we imagine that the wise men and the shepherds and perhaps Joseph all get together there in the manger and decide that the world must be told the GOOD NEWS. But without telephones, TV, newspapers, pony express, or the internet, how can this be efficiently done?

“But there, on this fateful morning, as the babe lay sleeping in his straw cradle, a little bird perched up in the rafters of the manger begins to sing her song.

“Hence, Bird Song.”

About the Artist

Spanning diverse musical styles, Julia Wade has performed nationally and internationally as a concert artist, as well as in opera, cabaret and musical theatre, including The Rome Opera and Carnegie Hall.

As a recording artist, Julia is truly at home in the studio with no less than 14 solo CDs under her belt . The 14th is her new Christmas CD, “Julia Wade and Friends,” including classics each done in a new and original way – solos, trios and quartets. And it has what we like to call both Jesus songs and Santa songs, all reflecting the joys and inspiration of the Christmas season.

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"I have never in all my life heard a voice like yours..." -Celine Rioux, Canada

"Soprano Julia Wade takes you on that inspirational journey with a voice so clear and pure there’s no room for doubt about her belief in the message and its source." -Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey, NYC

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3 thoughts on “Julia Wade: “Bird Song”

  1. This song has a real feeling of elation and spring! Do Google The Heglin Robin recorded in my garden. A most beautiful and musical song with so much variety in its colours (like Julia!)

    1. Thank you, Lorna. We shall do just that! Thanks for writing in.

  2. Sorry its Heuglin Robin.

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