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Lew Doty: “I Become You”

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January 28 - February 3, 2020

I Become You



Performed by Lew Doty
Music and Lyrics by Lew Doty

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Lew Doty’s meditative I Become You is a relaxing yet thought-provoking song about the harmony of existence. The music gradually builds as more instruments and subtle harmonies join in with each verse, and the mystical, poetic lyrics describe the unifying oneness of everything: us, nature, our fellow humans, and everything else in the universe. This song is from the album Angel, in which Lew explores a new area, something he has named American kirtan, which uses call and response, repetitive chants as a means of drawing his audience into a deeper connection with the Divine. Lew felt that using English words would aid the uninitiated listener to reach this deepened awareness in a way that is more familiar to them. Angel also features Lew’s “God pop” songs that have become his trademark. Always deep and meaningful, often playful, Angel has something for everyone.

About the Artist

Lew Doty, although influenced over the years by many artists, has developed a style that is all his own. His lyrics are filled with spiritual principles, his voice ranges from angelic and tender to smoky and hard-driving. The songs he writes are often deeply contemplative, but easily transition to outrageously joyful and sometimes even humorous in their style. But the one continuous thread throughout Lew’s music is its intention. In every song he writes and in every performance he gives, Lew conveys his message of love, acceptance, allowing, peace and connectedness. As one of his fans told him, “Listening to you is better than going to church.” You can’t help but hear God in Lew Doty’s music.

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"I've had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Lew over several years. I'm hoping to get to see him this coming Sunday! His personality and his music is delightful. His voice, music and message can be listened to with total enjoyment. Thanks, Lew!" —Ron Plog, Harmony, NJ

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